Open Créa

Design and integration for public website to attract the users attention in main features of the product Open Créa, one of main product services from Logipro company, which proposes all kind of services for e-learning. Open créa aims to give a free platform to bring content to life by incorporating images, soundbites, videos, etc. Thanks to this tool, based on the Créa Learning software, you can create a document in just a few clicks, choose a design from a wide range of templates and add content with a simple drag-and-drop. The clients can share this content to their active learners such as high school, company employees or others. 

I've created the new brand Open Créa with the hummingbird, to means the good level accuracy of this pusblishing tool to present actractive content for the users. This brand is pair working with Open Agora, using same circle form to keep both as a suite product style. 

This website is one of the lead communication actions done for the “Salon eLearning Expo, Paris 2015”.

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